Michael “Mookie” Galavotti – Owner and Operator of Mook’s Market.  Born and raised in Syracuse, NY.  Studied Business Management in College.  After getting my Associates, I decided to move to Raleigh, NC where half of my wonderful family moved to throughout the years from NY.  From there worked in the Food and Beverage Business for 15 years as a Director and General Manager.  Decided that wasn’t enough for me in life, I needed a change,  so I got out of the business to start my own career as an entrepreneur and affiliate for internet marketing.  Educated and trained myself with different programs, books and feeds.  Moved to Tampa, Florida where I now reside.  Started my own entrepreneurial business, Mook’s Market at the start of 2017.  Through my website, social media and blog, I do my best to help others learn more about themselves through inspiration and motivation, with a concentration on business like programs that can help other business minded individuals/entrepreneurs meet their goals and help them reach their dreams of success.



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