Michael “Mookie” Galavotti – Owner and Operator of Mook’s Market.  Born and raised in Syracuse, New York.  Studied Business Management throughout College.  After getting my Associates, I decided to move to Raleigh, NC where half of my wonderful family moved to throughout the years from New York.  From there, I worked in the Food and Beverage Industry for 15 years, from being a dishwasher growing up as a teen all the way up to a Director and General Manager for Restaurants and Country Clubs.  After many spiral years of the ups and downs in the F&B business and in life,  I finally decided that I needed to make a change for the good.  After growing up in a small local town, I realized that the community that surrounded me had made me the person I am today.  That is what made me decide to start my own career as an entrepreneur helping local businesses and entrepreneurs grow.  I educated and trained myself with different programs, books and feeds.  Moved to the Sunshine State in the City of Tampa, where I humbly reside now, started my own entrepreneurial business, Mook’s Market shortly after the start of 2017.  Through my website, business programs, social media and blog, I do my best to help other local entrepreneurs and businesses learn about growing their market, brand and themselves by educating and mentoring them with the latest internet marketing programs and technology, with a little inspiration and motivation to get them through the process.  I wish to help them and myself, meet their goals and help reach their dreams of success.

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More on Mookie

  • Loves being a Mentor/Coach:  Growing up I never paid attention to the people trying to help me out in all aspects of life which caused nothing but negativity for me for a very long time.  But some never gave up on me, some situations hit home to me and made me change the way I think which ultimately makes me very happy and proud to do that very same thing to others that need it most.
  • Love my Family More than anything:  Yes I am Italian and Irish (don’t hold that against me), my family is extremely close and it is the best feeling in the world being around them all when I can.  The Food oh my God…of the charts always and you will never leave hungry, probably won’t eat for a day after either.  Ah the fun, the laughs, the games, the festivities, the ups and the downs…we have it all, even the crazies at times, but the love is always there   Did I mention the food?  Good lord I’m salivating as you read this.  Also have a great bunch of close friends that I consider part of my family always, if they have been over for a Sunday dinner, they know they are.
  • Love Music and Dancing (I call it that anyway):  I mean come on, even if you can’t sing and dance as fantastic as I can…hem hem…this outlet release of the body and soul is by far my favorite.  Unfortunately I don’t listen to everything, but I do try my best to enjoy it in the surroundings that I am given.  The genre that I kill the mic on…hip-hop, born in 80′ in New York so…you can guess I’ve heard the best around.  The genre that I get my good vibes and dance moves on too though…reggae, without a doubt, Sublime and Marley growing up did it for me.  And for some really good times…catch a little Phish or Dead show, jam away boys
  • Sports:  What do I go crazy over?  Syracuse Basketball, Notre Dame Football and the good old Bronx Bombers baby.  Giants, Rangers, Knicks, I follow but don’t lose my shit over.  Ok maybe a little with the Giants some games.  Love Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts. watch some golf (play horribly) and just about whatever else in on if nothing else.
  •  Think Local:  Any local entrepreneurs or businesses I support 110%. Supporting the local community is extremely good for the economy as well as the environment might I add.  That itself is a great feeling to bear.  How many of your favorite places are from your neighborhood growing up or where you reside at today?  You can’t beat it, I know.


I think I’ve said enough about me, I would love to hear more about you!   So please, feel free to contact me, I would love to help you in any way I can with whatever you may need.  Or if you just want to talk it out, let loose, get some dirt off your shoulders, I can type for days.

Hope to speak soon!



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